FAWAVE is free software for performing digital signal processing on digital audio and images.   It also can be used to teach the fundamentals of Fourier and wavelet analysis.  To see examples of how FAWAVE is used, click on the link below:


To download FAWAVE, click the following link:

Download Fawave (Version 2.0)

Windows Vista issues:  The program has been tested and runs properly on Windows Vista.  However, there are two issues:

I.  The installer above may not succeed in creating a working program (even though it finishes installing without reporting a problem).  I am not sure what the problem is, but I have
found a workaround.  You should uninstall the (broken) copy of FAWAVE (and, you might also want to check that the files  ppro100.ocx, ppro100.dll, and pptif100.dll  are removed from
the  Windows/System  folder -- those are the offending files reported by FAWAVE when it fails to run).  After that, you should run the following installer:

   Download Fawave (Version 2.0, Vista patch)

This installer is kind of clunky, but has been reported to install a properly working FAWAVE program on Vista, when the above installer has failed.  [The first installer has had no
reported problems on any pre-Vista Windows system, and operates more smoothly, so I have made it the default installer.]

II.  Windows Vista no longer ships with  WinHelp32.exe  which is needed to view the online help.   If you can't view the online help, then you need to go to the Microsoft website (http://www.microsoft.com/) and search for  WinHelp32.exe  to bring up the download page for installing  WinHelp32.exe  on Windows Vista machines.   Once you have installed  WinHelp32.exe  then Fawave's online help will be accessible.   Please note:  (1)  a comprehensive User's Manual is installed in the Help subfolder of the Fawave folder during installation, and that PDF file is readable and printable with the free program Adobe Acrobat Reader; (2) this online help issue applies only to Windows Vista (earlier versions of Windows allow the online help upon installation of Fawave).

SOUNDS:  To download a collection of sounds to use with Fawave click on the following link:  sounds.

To download a collection of images to use with Fawave click on the following link:  images.

USER MANUAL:   A User Manual for FAWAVE is located in the  Help  folder of the FAWAVE directory when you install the software.  You can also download a copy by clicking here.