Additional References

If the reference can be freely downloaded, then the hyperlink is marked in boldface red.  Other hyperlinks, marked in blue, are to commercial sites.

D. Levitin. (2006).  This Is Your Brain On Music.  Dutton, New York.   (An excellent, very entertaining, survey of music and its psychological aspects.)

Daniel Levitin's webpage:    (A wonderful website, with lots of good stuff on music, including many fundamental papers for downloading.)

D. Ross, J. Choi, and D. Purves. (2007).  Musical Intervals in Speech.   Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci., Vol. 104, 9852-9857. (An important study providing scientific evindence connecting speech sounds and musical intervals, i.e. the harmonic scale).

Dale Purves' webpage:    (Lots of important research on vision and hearing.)