Audio, Images, and Formulas, for A Primer on Wavelets and their Scientific Applications


To access a zip archive containing *.wav files for audio examples, click here: 

To access a zip archive containing *.bmp and *.pgm files for image examples, click here:

To access a zip archive containing *.uf1 and *.uf2 formula files for FAWAV, click here:

These audio and image examples, and formulas, were either discussed in the Primer text, or in the Examples & Exercises sections.   You should put the decompressed audio files in the  \Audio  folder of the FAWAV directory, and put the decompressed images in the  \Images  folder, and the formula files in the
\Formulas  folder.

Note:  Your web browser, or file management software, will probably be able to extract the files from either of these archives.  If you have any trouble doing so, then the program that is guaranteed to work is  WinZip  (since it created these archives).