Videos for Chapter 5

Section 5.1  Singing

Figure 5.1  O Mio Babbino Caro clip    Figure 5.4  Nessun Dorma clip    Figure 5.5  Alicia Keys singing

Figure 5.6  Spectrogram of Sylvie clip   Figure 5.7  O Mio Babbino Caro second spectrogram    

Figure 5.8  Brightman vocals     Figure 5.9  Brightman and Bocelli vocals    Figure 5.10  Dear Prudence clip    

Figure 5.11  Bohemian Rhapsody clip   

Section 5.2  Instrumentals

Figure 5.12  La Vie En Rose trumpet     West End Blues (Louis Armstrong)  

Figure 5.13  La Vie En Rose ending    Figure 5.14  Beethoven Opus 109 clip

Figure 5.16  Sing, Sing, Sing clip     Figure 5.17  All Along the Watchtower clip     Figure 5.19  Black Rabbit clip

Figure 5.21  La Vie En Rose Vocals    Figure 5.22  Performances related to Pictures at an Exhibition     

Figure 5.23  Comparison of performances of Postcards     Figure 5.24 Performances related to Gymnopedie I

Section 5.3  Compositions

Figure 5.26  Strasbourg/St. Denis passage     Figure 5.27  Strasbourg/St. Denis passage 2     

Figure 5.28  Tomorrow Never Knows opening and portion of vocals    

Figure 5.29  Tomorrow Never Knows ``bird calls'' and reversed guitar

Figure 5.30  Tomorrow Never Knows tape looping     Figure 5.31 Viderunt omnes full recording

Figure 5.33 Viderunt omnes opening portion      Figure 5.34 Viderunt omnes second portion

Figure 5.35  Rothko Chapel clip     Figure 5.36  clip from Ravi Shankar composition     Shepard Tones Demo  

Figure 5.37  Shepard tones     Figure 5.38  Little Boy clip      More Examples of Shepard tones in music

Figure 5.39  The Devil's Staircase opening      Figure 5.40  The Devil's Staircase: Major transition and final chord

Tritone Illusion      Figure 5.41  Firebird Suite passage     Figure 5.44  Jack the Bear finale    

Figure 5.43  Jack the Bear clip, Nanton solo      Figure 5.44  Jack the Bear clip, Bigard solo

Figure 5.45  Finale of Firebird Suite    Figure 5.46  Appalachian Spring passage    

Figure 5.47 Duke Elligton piano passage        Figure 5.48  John Cage Piano Sonata II passage    

John Cage's prepared piano w/ Stephen Drury